The Purpose Hotel™ Continues Evolution With WP Hospitality Group LLC At Management Helm

HASTINGS Architecture Onboard As Downtown Nashville Locale Planned For 2022

 WP Hospitality Group LLC, the award-winning hotel and resort management company, will be at the management command for The Purpose Hotel™. The luxury company is spearheaded by Horst Schulze, former President and COO of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and founder of Capella Hotel Group.HASTINGS Architecture will be in charge of the primary design aiming for an open of 2022 in the desirable location of Nashville. The revolutionary idea is the brainchild of renowned photographer Jeremy Cowart. Everything from blankets to soap, internet access to furniture, The Purpose Hotel™ will help fight cyclical issues through domestic and international partnerships offering visitors the chance to literally “Change The World In Your Sleep™.”

“I have built my brands and management companies around creating cultures of service excellence, which stems from the internal guests (staff) being driven toward a common purpose that they believe in, not just showing up to work every day to do a task or a job but to work towards a vision that they are proud to uphold,” explains Horst Schulze. “It is incredibly fitting that I am now partnering with The Purpose Hotel™, which literally does just that: gives our internal guests, guests and stakeholders a true, important, world changing Purpose to work towards  – it’s a literal interpretation of what I have been striving for in all of my hotels! Ladies and Gentleman will be serving Ladies and Gentleman in the name of true Purpose.”

“Architecture is based on the notion that the world would be better off with a new structure in the landscape,” adds David M. Powell, FAIA, HASTINGS. “This audacious endeavor is most successful when it has meaning and celebrates values of positivity. The Purpose Hotel™ is perhaps the greatest example of optimism and empathy I have ever known. It is a profound privilege for HASTINGS to be entrusted with a design that will have immediate impacts on both our local and global communities. This informs our design concept of honoring the individual while celebrating society.”

The revolutionary concept of The Purpose Hotel™ was launched publicly in 2016 and met with media fanfare including coverage from Forbes, Rolling Stone, Conde’ Nast, Huffington Post and more. 

About WP Hospitality Group LLC:
WP Hospitality Group LLC is an international award winning hotel and resort management company exclusively focused on redefining luxury. In an age when many luxury properties are becoming commoditized, WPHG managed properties, whether Capella, Solis or independent, in contrast are uniquely designed to reflect their surroundings and become destinations in and of themselves for the local market as well as those traveling to the area. This is achieved, while of course maintaining the common thread that the company is known for in terms of surprising, delighting and pampering its guests with unparalleled service, based on culture of excellence CEO Horst Schulze is so renowned for. WPHG delivers the benefits of the finest boutique hotels, including superb architecture and interior design, privacy, individualized service and attention to detail.

The predecessor to WP Hospitality Group (WPHG) was founded in 2002 by Horst Schulze, former President and COO of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, who in concert with other Ritz executives is credited for two Malcolm Baldridge Quality Awards (the only one ever earned in the hospitality industry). Mr. Schulze created the Capella, Solis and Auriga Spa brands, and has been expanding those brands on a global basis for the last 15 years. He remains committed to finding unique ways to provide unmatched experiences to guests and internal guests (staff) alike.

About The Purpose Hotel™:
The first hotel of its kind, celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart (Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Tebow, The Kardashians, Sting, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heidi Klum, Emma Stone, Ryan Seacrest and more) created humanitarian relief project The Purpose Hotel™ that aims to fight against injustices of war, hunger, poverty, global warming, racial tension, unclean water, addictions and natural disasters. Every aspect of the global chain will directly contribute to those in need through strategic sourcing and procurement.

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