Karissa Ella Perfectly Captures Summertime In “Bad Summer” Music Video

Country singer-songwriter Karissa Ella kicks off tailgate season with a feel-good music video to her latest single “Bad Summer.” The video is a true ode to good vibes and summertime celebrations. “Bad Summer” is the perfect song to drown out the long week and kickstart the sunshine-filled weekend.

In this video directed and shot by Justin Mayotte and Justin Hammond, Karissa’s energetic personality shines through with strong vocals and a playful presence. She shows that with a couple of good friends, ice-cold drinks and some country music, there “ain’t no thing as a bad summer.” Written alongside Alex Seier and Tony McVaney, “Bad Summer” is a defining song for Karissa and is just the start of what’s to come.

“Every summer I look forward to tailgating my favorite country concerts! I love hanging with friends, jamming to our favorite songs and making memories that will never fade. That’s what this song is all about. We had so much fun shooting this video. It’s proof that you cannot have a bad summer!” says Karissa Ella.

“The pop-friendly track is an easy addition to any summer playlist, but the hook will stick long past Labor Day. Like one of her heroes, Shania Twain, Ella takes her feel-good vibes a level deeper without sacrificing the mood.” –Billy Dukes, Taste of Country

“Her single clearly defines a new phase of the rising artist’s capabilities as she ventures further into the depths of her songwriting.” –Catherine Walthall, American Songwriter

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