Blue Honey Releases Music Video For “Those Are The Days”

Husband and wife duo Blue Honey, consisting of Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan-Brooks, are excited to announce the debut of their music video for Those Are The Days exclusively on Building Our Own Nashville. “All you need to hear is the hauntingly beautiful intro to be hooked. Kassie’s powerful vocals are enthralling and wonderfully emotive making you not only believe every word she is singing but making you feel it too,” says Building Our Own Nashville. “The video is perfect in its simplicity.” The tune is one of twelve songs from their recently released album Sweet Rebellion which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other online retailers.

“Those Are The Days is a song we wrote about a father leaving for war, and how the home life suffered while he was gone,” says Kassie. “It’s also about finding your strength and learning to fight for yourself and come out beautiful in the end.”

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